Adam Gilad and Marc Gafni Present…

You Are Invited to an Intimate

3 – Day Training Program

with Dr. Marc Gafni


Pleasure at The Center:

This is How You Love Your Life


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Note: this private event is limited to those capable of and prepared to do profound and exhilarating spiritual work in every area of your life.
 How rich can your life of pleasure be?

We think you will shocked, delighted and inspired as you never have before when you discover how you can access pleasure as the energetic source and concrete motivator for every aspect of your life…

… not merely bodily pleasure.

Eros is so much deeper and more expansive than that.

Are you curious about how you can awaken your relationships, your work and purpose, your sense of belonging to humanity and to the whole of evolving life from the core of your erotic center?

If so, then please join us for this PRIVATE and very special weekend where the brilliant and inspirational Dr. Marc Gafni will walk you through your inner landscape and help you discover the treasures that are already there…

… but may have been hiding until now.

Infuse Your Entire Life

With the Power of Your

Unique Expression of “Eros”


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During the course of 3 days, we will map your inner erotic truths – “erotic” in it’s broadest and most spiritual meaning – so that you can access them and nourish every corner of life so that you can live the life you know you want – but have not yet been able to access.


  • You will identify and express your 10 Voices of Pleasure…
  • You will become a Connoisseur of Pleasure by exploring the refinements of the 24 Principles of Pleasure
  • And you will learn how to connect with – and draw forth – the deepest wells of pleasure in the following six areas of your life:

Pleasure Level #1: Sensory Pleasure

Pleasure Level #2: The Pleasure of Affection, Intimacy and Relationships

Pleasure Level #3: The Pleasure of Work, Purpose, Cause and Meaning

Pleasure Level #4: The Pleasure of Knowing Unity and Your True Self

Pleasure Level #5: The Pleasure of Creativity and Your “Unique Self”

Pleasure Level #6: The Pleasure of Transformation and Participating in the Evolution and Growth of Life

This is a one-time-only live course.

It will be invaluable for anybody in the healing arts, therapists, coaches, doctors, healers, body-workers, yogis and yoginis, scholars, teachers or seekers of depth, wisdom and consciousness.

It is, however, a practical course that ANYBODY can use to find joy, purpose, meaning and embeddedness in life again – in ways that you will never find elsewhere.

“Pleasure as the Center” will help you create for yourself, and map out for anybody in your life, how to release shame, constriction, limitation and playing small ….

and to replace them with PLEASURE as the unique, universal motivating – and sacred – force that drives us all into lives of meaning, love, connection and joy.

Please note: we are keeping tuition low for this event and are limiting it to 40 attendees only to assure participation and personal attention.

This event will include the opportunity for group lunches and dinners with the other participants, to deepen your practice and to share your insights, new vision and commitments.


Of course I am attending

Event Location:  San Francisco, Fishermans Wharf Holiday Inn

1300 Columbus Ave. San Francisco, CA 94133

June 21, 22, 23

10am thru evening each day

*special hotel room rates available!

* This event will be filmed.   If you wish to remain off camera, that, of course, will be respected if requested.